Men's Rights Manifesto


This page is both a manifesto of what we stand for, and an index into the rest of this website.

We stand for:

  1. Value Men’s Lives. Prevent war, murder and suicide.
  2. Value men’s health. Both physical and emotional.
  3. Value men’s educationUnderstanding their gender-specific needs. 
  4. Value men’s reputation. The media, organizations and individuals should not falsely accuse or  tarnish men’s reputations. 
  5. Value men’s relationships. Children should not be taken away from them unless they have committed a crime.
  6. Value men's assets and income.  Contractual agreements made prior to marriage should survive divorce.  Those who break up families, should not be rewarded with money. Child support expenses should be auditable. Alimony amounts and duration should be appropriate.  

Accordingly we demand:

  1. Equality before the law:
    • Equality in conscription.
    • Equality in the criminal justice system.
    • Equality in the family courts. On average, equal custody orders.
    • Equality in punishments for sexual crimes. 
    • Equality in government spending.
      • Equal lifetime retirement payouts for equal contributions.
      • Equal spending on health care.
      • Equal spending on housing, and child benefits.
      • Equal spending on enforcing family court orders.
    • Government investment and legislation in the areas of:
    • Equality in Employment Opportunities. Prevent employment discrimination against men.
  2. Justice
    1. Innocent until proven guilty. 
    2. Anonymity until proven guilty. 
    3. Equivalent penalties for False Accusation(s).

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