How to Add Links


Here you will find information about how to add links to this bot.

To add a link, just type in a link and a valid hashtag. 

httpd:// #computers

The software will grab the page title, description and image from the website itself. If you want a different title or description type in 

"I love Apple"  Apple has the best computers.  you should buy one. httpd:// #computers

And the software will create a new posting where the title is "I love Apple" and the description is "Apple has the best computers.  you should buy one."

If the url is already in the database, you are not able to post it again. 

If you are not an approved curator, your posting will be held for moderation. 

If the hashtag is not valid, you will get a nice "Did you mean" message. 

Please post n the appropriate topic, not in the root of the tree. 

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