There are three kinds of hash tags. What people have in their heads, what the Forest Wiki web server knows about, and what the poor bot, stuck in the middle has to deal with. Read more here.

Easiest to understand is what the web server knows about.  Web server hash tags look like /climate-change.  All small letters with a dash in between.  This is the standard for SEO.  Also makes it easy to give someone a tag over the phone, and have them get the capitalization correct.

Humans are different. We like to use #ClimateChange.  On three word spellings, it is a bit hard to read #ClimateChangeBlogs, so I recommend using #Climate-Change-Blogs. Or #climate-change-blogs

And then we have the poor confused discord bot in the middle.  Some people might even slip capitals and dashes and type #climateactivist, or misspell it as #climateactivis, and it has to intelligently respond.

So right now it recognizes single words from existing hash tags.   So #climateactivist would work.  For the #climateactivis typo it could suggest #ClimateAction, #ClimateJustice, or #ClimateActivist.  If there were such a tag, it could also recommend ClimateActivism.  But that depends on the web server, if there is only /climate-activist, or if there is also /climate-activism.

The plan is to add a spell checker shortly, to suggest activist when the user types activism. 

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